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Los Angeles firefighters fought investments in safer streets. For decades, fire regulations have made roads deadlier.

Business InsiderApr 21 2024

Measure HLA Is Now Officially Law for L.A. City.

Streetsblog LAApr 11 2024

The inhabitants of Los Angeles decided to reduce (a little) the space of the car

Le MondeApr 2 2024

LA Votes for Bus, Bike and Pedestrian Fixes as Traffic Deaths Rise

Bloomberg City LabMar 13, 2024

The People of Los Angeles Just Said "Yes" to Safer Streets

Strong TownsMar 12, 2024

A Vote for Safer Streets from the Heart of Car Culture

GoverningMar 8, 2024

Los Angeles Approves Road Safety Measure

PlanetizenMar 8, 2024

Voters in car-centric L.A. approve Measure HLA to make room on streets for bikes, buses

Los Angeles TimesMar 5, 2024

Understanding LAs Measure HLA

FOX 11Mar 3, 2024

Measure HLA Fact Check: Sidewalk Costs

Streetsblog LAFeb 29, 2024

Voting ‘yes’ on Measure HLA will make LA streets safer for all

The Daily TrojanFeb 29, 2024

Measure HLA pits safety advocates against firefighters

Los Angeles TimesFeb 28, 2024

Measure HLA may pave the future for mobility in L.A.

Beverly Press & Park Labrea NewsFeb 22, 2024

Measure HLA may pave the future for mobility in L.A.

Beverly Press & Park Labrea NewsFeb 22, 2024

Editorial: Fear-mongering on Measure HLA ignores what's really scary — L.A.'s deadly streets

Los Angeles TimesFeb 21, 2024

LA City Council sends back financial report on cost of safe streets measure

ABC7Feb 16, 2024

Measure HLA would force the City of LA to follow its own mobility plan

LA Public PressFeb 16, 2024

More pedestrians were killed on Los Angeles' Vermont Avenue than in the state of Vermont in 2022 — and it's become an ad for a measure to make streets safer

Business InsiderFeb 16, 2024

Measure HLA: LA's Bold Plan to Reclaim Its Streets and Curb Traffic Fatalities

BNNFeb 16, 2024

City Leaders Rally in Support of Measure HLA - the Healthy Streets Initiative

Streetsblog LAFeb 15, 2024

West Los Angeles News - Vote Yes on L.A. City Measure HLA

Westside VoiceFeb 13, 2024

LAUSD Board Backs Street Safety Plan to Appear on March Ballot

The 74Feb 10, 2024

Commentary: Biking in L.A. is fun. Now let's make it safe

The LA TimesFeb 10, 2024

Measure HLA Endorsements Grow, No Organized Opposition as Voting Gets Underway

Streetsblog LAFeb 9, 2024

Measure HLA: Who's Backing The 'Health Streets LA' Measure On The March 5 Ballot And Why It Matters

LAistFeb 5, 2024

Climate is on the ballot, and could sway outcomes in 2024 elections

OC RegisterJan 28, 2024

Board of Education Affirms Support for Healthy Streets L.A.

LAUSDJan 23, 2024

Streets Are For Everyone Supports Measure HLA, and You Should Too

SAFEJan 19, 2024

Endorsement: Yes on Measure HLA. Los Angeles needs safer, more bikeable, walkable streets

The LA TimesJan 18, 2024

Can Traffic Deaths in Los Angeles be Reduced? Ballot Measure Aims for 'Healthy Streets'

California LocalJan 16, 2024

The future of L.A. streets is on the March ballot

The LA TimesJan 13, 2024